Brett W. McCoy

multi-instrumentalist and media composer

Brett W. McCoy is a multimedia composer and muscian living in the Washington DC area. With wide experience in a variety of musical styles, studio and production techniques, he has forged a sound that is both ancient and modern.

Starting with traditional guitar lessons while in high school, he found himself drawn to the theory and composition side of his musical studies and immersed himself more deeply into writing music rather than just performing it. 

Another early interest was using computers to create music, initially inspired after getting a DIY computer kit and learning how to create rudimentary machine code programs to generate musical sounds. Later on he delved into producing music with Amiga computers and moved on to using Windows and Linux systems. 

Combining all of these endeavors is what has brought him to the present, using computers and related technology to produce music for visual media. 

In addition, he has combined his passion for technology with pursuing studies in a wide variety of musical styles and genres, including rock, folk, heavy metal, medieval & Renaissance music, world music and symphonic film music.  


Berklee College of Music, 2020 
Master of Music 
Film Scoring 

Berklee College of Music, 2015- 2018 
Bachelor of Professional Studies 
Music Composition for Film & TV 
Magna Cum Laude 

Berklee College of Music, 2010-2011 
Master Certificate 
Music Composition for Film & TV 








TESHALEH -- Medieval Folk Metal band, guitarist and composer

ALHAZRED -- Progressive metal band, guitarist and composer